Friday, May 7, 2010

November 17-18 - Level I Usui Reiki Class

Reiki Level I

Monday, November 17 - Tuesday November 18 (6pm - 10pm)

Cost: $175.00 8-Hour Class

During this class, you will receive the Usui Reiki Level I Attunement which will connect you to the energy of Reiki. You will learn how to work with Reiki to give yourself a self-healing session as well as a full, one-hour long treatment on another person. This is taught in class, demonstrated and then practiced.
We will cover the history of Reiki, the Five Reiki Principles and you will learn about the seven major chakras (energy centres) and their role in our energy system.
You will also learn how to give a mini Reiki Session on a chair instead of a Reiki table. I will provide you with information on the Canadian Reiki Association and how to join. Class fee includes the textbook which covers material on both Reiki Level I and II, light snacks and tea and a copy of the Reiki Vibes: Heartwarming Stories book. You will also receive all relevant handouts on a CD. At the end of the class, you will receive your Usui Reiki Level I Certificate.

For additional information or to register email me at or you may call me at 778-996-6100

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