Sunday, February 28, 2010

For Brides-to-be: How can Reiki help you cope with Wedding Planning stress?

The Five Reiki Principles and how they can help you create a joyous Wedding Day

1. Just for today I will be grateful
This is your wedding day and of course it’s YOUR day. Keep in mind as well that your day is beautiful and amazing because of all the lovely people that will celebrate it with you. Show your gratitude and love to the people that are helping you prepare. Be grateful for all the blessings that have brought you to this day.

2. Just for today I will not worry
Worry and stress can only put a shadow on a special day. Make a conscious decision to NOT worry and to take things with a grain of salt. Worry comes from fear of a potentially negative outcome. While there is a CHANCE of something negative happening, typically a wedding (an event that takes quite a bit of planning) has a much higher possibility of having a positive outcome. Why not trust the option with the most chances, the positive one? Don’t worry and trust that things will go well. Worrying simply wastes a day that was designed to be amazing.

3. Just for today I will not anger
The second you allow yourself to get angry – you surrender your power and strength of character. Your energy level is disrupted and it can be hard to find a sense of balance to get through the day with grace and joy. In the unlikely situation that something goes wrong and would typically anger you, why not choose to use humour or choose to not become emotionally attached to what has happened? Simply look at the problem, seek a solution and act on that. Make the best of the challenge and turn it into an opportunity to create something new or see things from a positive perspective. Anger does not serve you in any productive or positive way – remember you may not have choice in what happens sometimes, but you have choice in how you react to it.

4. Just for today I will do my work honestly
Your wedding will involve dealing with many suppliers, service companies and people working on contract such as photographers, make up artists, your wedding planner etc. Dealing with people in a fair and empathetic way can be a blessing. Honest behaviour and a fair exchange of payment versus services rendered sets the tone for a successful event. Dishonesty arises from the separative awareness of the ego. Dishonesty usually is of a trivial, small nature. Most do not steal on a large scale. But we dishonour ourselves by stealing time from those that we employ or by not appreciating the work that is done for us. We have an opportunity to turn this approach around.

5. Just for today I will show love and respect for all
Love is a positive counter-action to the fear of others we have been conditioned to experience. Respect replaces judgement. On your wedding day you are going to interact with friends, family and many people that will often have conflicting opinions about what do to, when and how to do it. This may set off feelings of anxiety and indecision. If you remember that everybody comes from all walks of life and that their opinions are largely based on their own personal experiences, you will naturally accept the feedback without taking it personally. Remember to not judge others’ opinions or even fear them. Love them for offering a reflection, a new perspective on things and respect their presence in your life. This behaviour will not only prove to be rewarding, you will most likely find that this is a great way to learn from others and cultivate your own intuition as you practice objectivity.

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