Monday, November 8, 2010

Relaxation Shoulder and Head Massages by donation in West Vancouver!

Dream Designs is offering Relaxation Shoulder and Head Massages to support our community.

Enjoy a 10 minute treatment by Indian Head Massage practitioner, Tania Bakas, for a donation to the Gather and Give organization!

Location: Dream Designs
1502 Marine Drive
West Vancouver, BC
Sunday, November 14th 12pm—5pm
Saturday, November 20th 10am—4pm
Sunday, November 21st 230pm—5pm
Saturday, November 27th 10am—4pm
Sunday, November 28th 12pm—5pm

About Tania:
Tania Bakas is a Certified Indian Head MassagePractitioner, Reflexologist and Reiki practitioner.She runs Giving Within Holistic Healing,offering private sessions and group workshops.

About the Gather and Give organization:
Gather and Give provides home essentials to low income individuals and familiesand inventory essentials to front line agencies providing support to ourcommunity.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Create Your Own Vision Board - workshop

Are YOU attracting what you want into your life?
Have you seen the movie “The Secret” and want to learn how to visualize and manifest goals?

Two workshops offered in November 2010:

1. Wednesday, November 17th 6pm—9pm
2. Sunday, November 21st 10am-1pm
In North Vancouver
(address to be provided upon registration)

Early Bird Registration $30 (After November 12th $35)
Full payment required upon registration to secure spot in workshop.
Workshop fee includes refreshments, all supplies and a frame for your Vision Board!

Attendance is limited to 6 people per workshop so book your spot now!

For more information on your host, Tania Bakas,
see the Giving Within website:
Call: 778-996-6100 or E-mail:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Great news! You may purchase any Reiki, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage treatments through paypal!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The "Reiki Vibes - Heartwarming Stories" book is now available at Utopia Gifts on Lonsdale Ave in North Vancouver

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Giving Within October updates

Warm greetings! I'm back from a wonderful two month stay in Greece. I am happy to be back in Vancouver and so excited to reconnect with all of you!

Indian Head Massage - sessions now offered
An Indian Head Massage session is 40-45 minutes long and is administered in a comfortable chair. Beginning just below the shoulder blades and working up the shoulders, the focus is to massage out all those areas where most of us hold tension. The neck and arms are massaged as well. The head, ears and face are worked on with a focus on acupressure points that will relieve stress and leave you with a feeling of tranquility and clarity.
3 Pre-paid sessions $150 (3rd session half price)

Upcoming Classes
Reiki Level II $200 October 18-19 6pm - 10pm (two day course, 4 hours each day)

Reiki Level I $175 October 31 - Nov 1 Sunday 4pm - 8pm & Monday 6pm - 10pm (two day course, 4 hours each)

For more information check out my website

Reiki Vibes
The Reiki Vibes - Heartwarming Stories book is now available for sale at Dream Designs in West Vancouver!

Featured link
Whitney McMillan Holistic Health

Whitney will be offering a 6 week series of "Heal your life" Workshops at Utopia Gifts on Lonsdale Ave in North Vancouver starting October 19 - I plan to do the full series - hope to see you there! . Check out her website for more information

Reiki Shares
CRA Monthly Reiki exchange in West Vancouver! Every first Sunday of the month we gather for a Reiki exchange at Dream Designs in West Vancouver ( 1:30pm - 4:00pm $10 suggested donation. Next one coming up is Sunday, November 7th. Everybody is welcome to join, with or without any Reiki experience. For those that have never done Reiki, a Reiju Empowerment is offered to connect you with the energy for the duration of the exchange. Canadian Reiki Association Members are welcome to bring their brochures and business cards.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

"You Can Heal Your Life" Workshops in North Vancouver, BC by Whitney McMillan!

Whitney McMillan is a good friend and colleague. I personally plan to do the full series of workshops upon my return from Greece this October. Would you like to join me? If you are interested I would suggest signing up soon as space may be limited. See below for details!

You Can…

Heal Your Life

Autumn 2010 Workshops

Discover easy, practical techniques to transform your life on a daily basis.

Improve YOUR health, expand YOUR wealth and increase YOUR capacity for love…

Create inspired changes to awaken YOUR passion, purpose and peace!

Utilize the powerful Heal Your Life® philosophy and techniques of Louise L. Hay to

release what blocks you, align with your vision and embrace YOUR Best Life now!

Tuesdays 6:30pm – 8:30pm at Utopia Gifts, The Mystical Sanctuary

(1826 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver)
October 19 – Affirmations for the Life You REALLY Want

October 26 – Relationships You Desire

November 2 – Work…Career…Life Purpose

November 9 – Welcome Prosperity!

November 16 – Health is Everything

November 23 – ‘Managing’ Your Stress

Each workshop is $20 (+HST).

Register for the entire series to receive 1 workshop for FREE! 6 workshops for ONLY $100 (+HST).

Register: 604.984.8782 or

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July news and updates

I am pleased to announce that I am now practicing full time out of Giving Within Holistic Healing! This means that in the month of July there will be more Reiki classes and sessions available (Reflexology, Reiki and soon Indian Head Massage)

July classes offered:

Reiki Level I - Sunday, July 11th - Monday, July 12th 5-9pm (two day course) Cost: $175
Reiki Level II - Sunday, July 25th - Monday, July 26th 5-9pm (two day course) Cost: $200

For further information visit my website:

Monthly Reiki exchanges offered in West Vancouver!
Every first Sunday of the month Sandra Sinclair, Jens Engel and I will be hosting a Reiki exchange at Dream Designs in West Vancouver ( 1:30pm - 4:00pm $10 suggested donation. Next one coming up is Sunday, August 1st.

My Big Fat Greek trip coming up in August - will be away until October 9th, 2010
I will be flying to Greece on August 9th to visit my family and friends and to soak in the Greek sunshine. I will be in touch through my blogs and will be accessible via email (as long as I have internet connection!). I look forward to taking this time to plan and be inspired. I will be returning with new ideas for further Healing and Inspiring Workshops!

Friday, May 7, 2010

November 17-18 - Level I Usui Reiki Class

Reiki Level I

Monday, November 17 - Tuesday November 18 (6pm - 10pm)

Cost: $175.00 8-Hour Class

During this class, you will receive the Usui Reiki Level I Attunement which will connect you to the energy of Reiki. You will learn how to work with Reiki to give yourself a self-healing session as well as a full, one-hour long treatment on another person. This is taught in class, demonstrated and then practiced.
We will cover the history of Reiki, the Five Reiki Principles and you will learn about the seven major chakras (energy centres) and their role in our energy system.
You will also learn how to give a mini Reiki Session on a chair instead of a Reiki table. I will provide you with information on the Canadian Reiki Association and how to join. Class fee includes the textbook which covers material on both Reiki Level I and II, light snacks and tea and a copy of the Reiki Vibes: Heartwarming Stories book. You will also receive all relevant handouts on a CD. At the end of the class, you will receive your Usui Reiki Level I Certificate.

For additional information or to register email me at or you may call me at 778-996-6100

In light,


Sunday, February 28, 2010

For Brides-to-be: How can Reiki help you cope with Wedding Planning stress?

The Five Reiki Principles and how they can help you create a joyous Wedding Day

1. Just for today I will be grateful
This is your wedding day and of course it’s YOUR day. Keep in mind as well that your day is beautiful and amazing because of all the lovely people that will celebrate it with you. Show your gratitude and love to the people that are helping you prepare. Be grateful for all the blessings that have brought you to this day.

2. Just for today I will not worry
Worry and stress can only put a shadow on a special day. Make a conscious decision to NOT worry and to take things with a grain of salt. Worry comes from fear of a potentially negative outcome. While there is a CHANCE of something negative happening, typically a wedding (an event that takes quite a bit of planning) has a much higher possibility of having a positive outcome. Why not trust the option with the most chances, the positive one? Don’t worry and trust that things will go well. Worrying simply wastes a day that was designed to be amazing.

3. Just for today I will not anger
The second you allow yourself to get angry – you surrender your power and strength of character. Your energy level is disrupted and it can be hard to find a sense of balance to get through the day with grace and joy. In the unlikely situation that something goes wrong and would typically anger you, why not choose to use humour or choose to not become emotionally attached to what has happened? Simply look at the problem, seek a solution and act on that. Make the best of the challenge and turn it into an opportunity to create something new or see things from a positive perspective. Anger does not serve you in any productive or positive way – remember you may not have choice in what happens sometimes, but you have choice in how you react to it.

4. Just for today I will do my work honestly
Your wedding will involve dealing with many suppliers, service companies and people working on contract such as photographers, make up artists, your wedding planner etc. Dealing with people in a fair and empathetic way can be a blessing. Honest behaviour and a fair exchange of payment versus services rendered sets the tone for a successful event. Dishonesty arises from the separative awareness of the ego. Dishonesty usually is of a trivial, small nature. Most do not steal on a large scale. But we dishonour ourselves by stealing time from those that we employ or by not appreciating the work that is done for us. We have an opportunity to turn this approach around.

5. Just for today I will show love and respect for all
Love is a positive counter-action to the fear of others we have been conditioned to experience. Respect replaces judgement. On your wedding day you are going to interact with friends, family and many people that will often have conflicting opinions about what do to, when and how to do it. This may set off feelings of anxiety and indecision. If you remember that everybody comes from all walks of life and that their opinions are largely based on their own personal experiences, you will naturally accept the feedback without taking it personally. Remember to not judge others’ opinions or even fear them. Love them for offering a reflection, a new perspective on things and respect their presence in your life. This behaviour will not only prove to be rewarding, you will most likely find that this is a great way to learn from others and cultivate your own intuition as you practice objectivity.

This blog post is sponsored by WeDDings Jubilee!